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Burundi: Buhorwa Washing Station
Burundi: Buhorwa Washing Station
Buhorwa Washing Station
  • Peach tea
  • plum
  • syrupy


When Burundi opened up the coffee sector to private investment, the government put all of their nearly 200 washing stations on the market. The Sogestals - regional cooperatives who manage these washing stations - purchased several for themselves. One of these is Buhorwa, one of the country's highest altitude washing stations.  Buhorwa Washing Station is made up of 550 small hold members, and has 3 cherry collection centers. Lots are separated (and cupped) by collection center, by day, in order to avoid potential defects. This cup highlights the very best that Burundi can offer in terms of coffee.

We taste sweet peach tea in this cup and are particular impressed by the syrupy body that this coffee has to offer. A versatile cup that works well as an Aeropress, V-60, or even espresso! 

Altitude: 1775-1890m

Variety / Processing Method: Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon / Washed

Location: Buhorwa Washing Station, Bukeye Commune, Murimvya Province, Sogestal Kayanza