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Burundi: Nemba Washing Station
Nemba Washing Station
  • Plum
  • lemon sorbet
  • winey


This unique offering comes to us from the Nemba Washing Station operated by Greenco. This specific offering represents innovation and applied processing to intentionally enhance cup characteristics through introducing a specific yeast during the fermentation process. The cherries used for this lot were hand-selected from 4 smallholder producers, and traceability of the station, day and quality is maintained throughout the entire process. Once the cherries were sorted and cleaned, they are moved into fermentation tanks and LalCafé Oro yeast is added. 

This yeast was specially developed for coffee production over a four-year period of research and trials and is able to control the fermentation process against the risk of spoilage micro-organisms that can generate undesirable defects. The longer fermentation time for yeast processed coffees allows for more developed flavors, as the extra time enables the beans to absorb metabolites, which enhances the profile. Complexity, acidity, brightness, floral notes and more are all boosted by the lengthened fermentation time

Not only is this coffee unique in it's flavor, the washing station participates in a number of farmer outreach and support projects including a livestock rearing project and a range of Farmer Hub projects centered on strengthening cooperatives and improving yields.

We're very proud to bring you this incredibly unique and interesting coffee. We get notes of plum, lemon sorbet, with floral undertones of elderflower and jasmine.

Altitude: 1818m

Variety / Processing Method: Red Bourbon / Oro Yeast-Fermented Natural

Location: Microlot #5, Nemba Washing Station, Kayanza Region