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Colombia - Finca La Veronica [Notes: Passionfruit, meyer lemon, crisp]


Tasting Notes: Passionfruit, meyer lemon, crisp


This coffee makes for a delicious, fruity cup! Owned and operated by farmer Octavio Ramos Fernandez, Finca La Veronica is a 1-hectare farm where this coffee is grown and processed. This year's crop was entered in the first ever Inzá Cup competition in Colombia, and finished as a finalist in the contest. Colombia is a country already known for its incredible coffees, and farmers like Octavio Ramos Fernandez are helping to keep this country’s rich coffee history alive.

Altitude: 1860m+

Variety / Processing Method: Washed / Caturra, Castillo

Location: Finca La Veronica, Santa Lucia, Colombia