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Papua New Guinea: Kindeng Estate
Papua New Guinea
Kindeng Estate
  • Pink grapefruit
  • cranberry
  • bright


This coffee comes to us from the Kagamuga Dry Mill, located in the Jiwaka province of Papua New Guinea.

Coffee at Kindeng Estate is shade grown with medium-density shade cover. In addition to promoting even ripening for cherry, shade trees provide habitat for over 90 species of birds that live on or near the estate. For this coffee, ripe cherries are placed on raised beds and canvasses immediately after they are received at the dry mill. They are moved multiple times a day throughout the average 1-month drying process to ensure an even and uniform average moisture content across the lot. Once the coffee is adequately dried, it is placed into bags and stored in a cool and dry warehouse, hulled, milled, and prepped for export.

This is a bright cup best highlighted as a V-60, with notes of pink grapefruit and cranberry juice. The perfect pick me up.

Altitude: 1520 –1770 masl

Variety / Processing Method: Typica, Arusha, Bourbon / Natural

Location: Waghi Valley, Jiwaka Province, Papua New Guinea