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Burundi: Karehe Washing Station
Burundi: Karehe Washing Station
Karehe Washing Station
  • Black tea
  • peach
  • sweet


The Karehe Washing Station is one of 22 washing stations managed by SOGESTAL KAYANZA. Built in 2007, this community of 1500 smallholder farmers has continually proven their commitment to specialty coffee quality and even received first place in the 2015 Burundi Cup of Excellence. Karehe is also a member of one of Burundi's leading chapters for International Women in Coffee (IWCA), where women producers receive premiums for their contributions. This coffee makes for a sweet cup, with notes of black tea and peach. 

Altitude: 1750m+

Variety / Processing Method: Bourbon, Jackson / Washed

Location: Busiga Commune, Ngozi Province