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4oz Peru Santa Teresa - Joe Pagac Series
Peru - Joe Pagac 4oz
Cajamarca Washed
  • Honey crisp apple
  • fig
  • sweet finish


Since 2011, Yellow Brick Coffee has celebrated coffee producing communities around the globe by sharing stories of its producers and uniquely roasting its coffees. By teaming up with Joe Pagac for this limited release, we are proud to honor our local community as well. Joe Pagac is a local painter and sculptor whose colorful murals liven up buildings and streets all over Tucson. We hope you enjoy this celebration of community and collaboration as much as we do.


Want to support women in coffee? Ismeria Leon Alarcon harvested and processed this micro-lot on her 2.5-acre farms called La Chirimoya & La Palta located near the community of Santa Teresa in the Cajamarca region. She has her own micro-mill where carefully harvested cherries are fermented for 24 hours, then floated to remove less dense and damaged coffee before depulping. After depulping the beans covered in mucilage are fermented for another 24 hours and then washed to remove the mucilage. Next the coffee is gently dried on covered raised beds over a period of 5 days. While Ismeria has designed farm management and post-harvest solutions to fit her needs, she also has a strong alliance to bring her coffee to the international market and earn fair prices. With the help of Aroma del Valle, an organization where she is a member, she has been able to successfully produce micro-lots that are gaining international recognition. Aroma del Valle is an organization established to assist producers access the specialty coffee market. Ismeria and other members of Aroma del Valle are also currently focused on family gardens to cultivate food for their own households. Ismeria also cultivates corn, Yuca and sugarcane that serve as another source of income to support her four children.

Altitude: 1700m

Variety / Processing Method: Caturra, Pache, Typica / Washed

Location: Cajamarca, Peru