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Costa Rica: Aguilera Brothers Micromill
Costa Rica
Aguilera Brothers Micromill
  • Red grape
  • papaya
  • syrupy


The Aguileras are a family of 12 brothers and sisters who are second-generation coffee producers in the West Valley. Their father was one of the first coffee growers in the area, and planted his farm 70 years ago: Neighboring farmers warned him that coffee wouldn't grow there, but now the area is rich with coffee lands. Most of the siblings own farmland, and they comanage the micromill they installed with the earnings from their fourth-place Cup of Excellence win in 2007.

This lot is a selection of Villa Sarchi, which is a Costa Rican variety that is a dwarf Bourbon mutation discovered near the town of Sarchi. This approachable honey processed coffee gives us notes of red grape and papaya, with a syrupy finish.

Altitude: 1450m

Variety / Processing Method: Villa Sarchi / Honey

Location: Aguilera Brothers Micromill, Finca Edgar, Los Robles de Naranjo, West Valley