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Guatemala - Finca San Sur
Guatemala: Finca San Sur [Notes: Chocolate cherry, orange zest, rich]
Finca San Sur
  • Chocolate cherry
  • orange zest
  • rich


This coffee makes for a rich cup with notes of chocolate cherry and orange zest. José Gomez recently took over his father's 45 acre farm, Finca San Sur, and is continuing his life's work in cultivating and harvesting high quality coffees. The harvested cherry from this farm is then taken to La Esperanza, a mill in Antigua, where the coffee is then processed and dried before it is exported. This offering features the "catisic" varietal which is a cross between the Timor and Caturra varieties. 

Altitude: 1900-2100m+

Variety / Processing Method: Catisic / Washed

Location: Sansare, El Progreso, Guatemala