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Mexico: Yerbabuena Association
Yerbabuena Association
  • Cherry cordial
  • cinnamon
  • spicy


This coffee shines with spiced notes of cinnamon and cherry cordial. Surrounding Mt. Colima, or the Volcan de Fuego, live 856 coffee farmers whom work together to export coffee under a single integrative cooperative. This cooperative is made up of several smaller organizations, including Yerbabuena, Naranjal, and Remudadero. Our importer, Crop to Cup, is currently the only international buyer of beans from Colima, where Yerbabuena is located, and continue to support the community through pre-crop financing and paying premiums on farmers' coffees. 

Take note of the sweetness that shines through in this single variety coffee.  Though not resistant to the devastating fungus known as Roya, or coffee leaf rust, bourbon often contributes to a sweeter cup. 

Altitude: 1600m

Variety / Processing Method: Bourbon / Washed

Location: Colima, Mexico