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Colombia: El Progreso [Notes: Caramel, guava, buttery]

Colombia: El Progreso [Notes: Caramel, guava, buttery]


[Notes: Caramel, guava, buttery]


The intense caramel richness and delicate guava notes of this coffee make for a deliciously sweet cup. Farmer Julian Palomino owns and operates his 5-hectare farm called El Progreso, where this coffee is grown and harvested from among the 20,000 coffee trees in total he oversees. This year's crop was also part of Cafe Imports' "Farm Select" program, a program that is designed to showcase coffees embodying fantastic regional characteristics, such as the sweet caramel notes that this coffee has. 

Altitude: 2000m+

Variety / Processing Method: Castillo / Washed

Location:  Totoro, Cauca, Colombia