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Mexico: Women Producers of CESMACH Cooperative [Notes: Peach tea, red grape, round]


[Notes: Peach tea, red grape, round]


Starting in 2005 with only six women smallholder farmers, the Women Producers program now has a total of 224 women members within the CESMACH cooperative. This program allows for the women to receive a price premium for their coffees in an effort to support them in a variety of areas: childcare, vegetable gardens and food security, and women's health initiatives. It is also now required that at least one women producer be on CESMACH's board of directors to act as a representative for the group. This offering is a shining example of the quality and passion that these women have for their coffee, with notes of sweet peach tea and juicy red grape.

Altitude: 1200-1750m

Variety / Processing Method: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo / Washed

Location:  Sierra Madre, Chiapas