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Rwanda: KODUKAK [Notes: Candied orange, clove, syrupy]


[Notes: Candied orange, clove, syrupy]


This coffee showcases a great syrupy body with notes of candied orange and sweet clove. Sourced from the KODUKAK cooperative, this Rwandan offering is harvested by a group of 990 farmers which is then delivered them to the Kigeyo Washing Station where the coffees are further processed and washed. The co-op is one that is not only fair-trade certified, but is also focused on social and environmental sustainability within the region. The by-products from processing the coffee are utilized as fertilizer, and shade-providing trees are given to farmers within the cooperative to prevent soil erosion.

Altitude: 1800-2000m

Variety / Processing Method: Bourbon / Washed

Location:  Rutsiro and Rubavu Districts, Western Province