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Burundi - Kirema Cooperative [Notes: Black tea, peach, juicy]


Tasting Notes: Black tea, peach, juicy


This is an incredibly versatile coffee with black tea and peach notes that are especially highlighted in pour-overs and as espresso. As a coffee-producing nation Burundi continues to shine with its specialty coffees. Our importer, Cafe Imports, has been diligently working to elevate the quality of coffee, and in turn, to achieve a higher market price. This particular coffee comes from the Kirema Cooperative in western Burundi and grows at an altitude upwards of 1800m, standing out with its rich body and intense aromatics. Though its a small country, about the size of Maryland, Burundi has definitely earned its place on the specialty coffee map.

Altitude: 1800m+

Variety / Processing Method: Washed / Bourbon, Jackson, Mibirizi

Location: Kirema Cooperative, Kayanza, Burundi