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Colombia: Manos Juntas Micromill
Colombia: Manos Juntas Micromill
Manos Juntas Micromill
  • Black cherry
  • rich chocolate
  • winey


Manos Juntas is a micromill in the Sotara area of Colombia's Cauca region, operated and managed by Banexport. 

Banexport believe that when it comes to quality, 50% is determined by crop production, and the other 50% by post-harvest processing. With this in mind, Manos Juntas Micromill was born, consisting of 8 smallholder producers delivering cherry to the mill. 

Upon arrival at the mill, the cherries are placed in large hermetic tanks for a five-day-long anaerobic fermentation: Each tank is labeled with the name of the producer, to retain traceability. During this period, nitrogen gas is introduced into the tanks in order to stimulate the yeast. Brix and pH are measured constantly through this process and are used to determine the stopping point for fermentation; the coffee is then subjected to 20°C temperatures in order to cease fermentation and remove the yeast and other microorganisms. The cherry is then "aged" in tanks for a period of five more days before they are taken to solar dryers. Drying takes 30–45 days

Manos Juntas cares deeply about the smallholders they work with. Some highlights of their program include paying farmers way above industry norms, as well as paying them up front for the purchase, rather than the industry standard of waiting over 30 days. They also pay by weight, and the riper the cherry, the heavier it is. This encourages better harvest practice that directly correlates to higher quality.

We're very proud to be able to offer you this coffee from such a unique initiative. It has beautiful notes of cherry and rich chocolate which are best highlighted by a V-60 or an AeroPress. 

Altitude: 1950–2100m

Variety / Processing Method: Castillo, Colombia, F6 Anaerobic Natural

Location: Cauca, Colombia