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Costa Rica: Finca El Mirador [Notes: Red grape, pineapple, juicy]


[Notes: Red grape, pineapple, juicy]


This Costa Rica offering makes for a fruit-forward and juicy cup! Owned by producer Olman Aguilera, El Mirador is a 15-hectare coffee farm that grows both Villa Sarchi and Catuai coffee trees. After being harvested and sorted, the coffees are laid out to dry for three weeks where they stay in contact with their outer fruit cherries and ferment, until they are once again sorted and hulled. This is referred to as "natural" processing, and this prolonged-contact with their outer fruit allows for a fruiter end-product than traditionally "washed" processes would.

Altitude: 1400m

Variety / Processing Method: Villa Sarchi, Catuai / Natural

Location:  Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica