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Ethiopia: Abukado, Kossa Geshe [Notes: Raspberry, hibiscus, floral]
Ethiopia: Abukado, Kossa Geshe [Notes: Raspberry, hibiscus, floral]
Abukado, Kossa Geshe
  • raspberry
  • hibiscus
  • floral


A truly outstanding cup! This is the third year in a row that we have carried this coffee from Abdulwahid Sherif owner of Kossa Geshe, a farm in the town of Limu in Western Ethiopia.  This year, the coffee was separated into 2 lots, and we purchased from 1 of those lots, titled Abukado. This is high grade Ethiopia Natural, and an extremely versatile cup that showcases nicely in the slow bar and can be pulled as a single origin espresso. Finding a farm traceable coffee from Ethiopia is no small feat though traceability standards have been elevated more recently.  Kossa Geshe has taken great strides to improve the quality of their coffee as a result of their close relationship with our importer, Crop to Cup.  

Altitude: 1800m+

Variety / Processing Method: Heirloom Varieties / Natural

Location: Limu, Jimma Zone