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Peru: Finca Ecológica
Peru: Finca Ecológica
Finca Ecológica
  • Strawberry
  • fig
  • syrupy


Gilmer Mejia operates the beautiful Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada, a farm his father, Filadelpo Cordova Mejia, acquired for growing coffee in 1990. It is a 7-hectare plot, on which 4 hectares grow Caturra and other common varieties. All coffee on the farm is picked by hand to ensure peak ripeness, as they mature under the shade of wild trees native to the region.  He uses compost and guano to fertilize his farm, and uses no herbicides. Gilmer is a young and innovative producer who is committed to and passionate about quality in every way, from the management of his farm to the final taste in the cup.

Finca Ecológica is well renowned for producing cups with bright and complex flavors. In 2017, they entered the first Peru Cup of Excellence competition and placed in 6th place, an extraordinary feat for any coffee producer. The experience of Gilmer certainly shines through in this single varietal Caturra. With a syrupy body and subtle strawberry notes, it is a crowd pleasing cup that is a pleasure to drink.

Altitude: 1850m

Variety / Processing Method: Caturra / Washed

Location: Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru