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**Pre-Order** 5 Years (Anniversary Barrel Aged Coffee)

**Pre-Order** 5 Years (Anniversary Barrel Aged Coffee)


Coffee will be roasted and shipped on May 1st.

Celebrate 5 Years of Yellow Brick Coffee with a bag of "5 Years", our newest barrel aged coffee. 

Aged in a Bourbon Barrel, roasted to perfection.

Hard work goes into every step of the bourbon making process.  From toasting the insides of the hand crafted new oak barrels to making the spirits within.  

The coffee making process starting with production and finishing with roasting is no less demanding.

It is said that "nothing worth doing is easy", so we chose "Hard-Way" Bourbon barrels from Three Well Distillery to age coffee from Finca Isabelita in Guatemala. After their short rest in the barrel, we roasted these beans to perfection to highlight intense flavors of bourbon with a candy sweetness. Cheers to the hard workers.

This coffee makes for a strong boozy cup.  Brew hot, cold, and eat with your favorite dessert.