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Rwanda: Dukorere Kawa Cooperative
Rwanda (Natural): Dukorere Kawa Cooperative
Bukure Village
  • Cola
  • cran-raisin
  • syrupy

When we say fruit-bomb, we mean one thing. Intense fruit flavor and aroma.  This coffee has the sweetness and acidity that we love about that natural process.  Great care was given by the Nova coffee team in Rwanda to ensure that the coffee shines. Harvest of coffee grown between 1800m-2200m begins in April and continues until June. The cherries dry over the course of 18 days for roughly 9 hours a day.  

Farmers who grow adjacent to Bukure washing station and members of the Dukorere Cooperative chose to work with Nova coffee in order to process this special lot.  Nova Coffee, established and based in Rwanda, helped process this coffee.  Their mission reads: "Being a women-centered washing station, Nova Coffee is committed to developing the neighboring community into specialized coffee farmers that produce the highest quality coffee as well as to enhancing the social cohesion in order to create more jobs and eradicate poverty". We look forward to seeing and tasting more from Nova Coffee.