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Tanzania - Mwalyego Peaberry [Notes: Vanilla, caramel, sweet]


Vanilla, caramel, sweet


Peaberry is said to be a more flavorful bean and represents only 5% of a farmer's crop. This peaberry coffee comes to us from Mwalyego AMCOS (agricultural marketing and cooperative society), a southern Tanzania co-op that operates the Mwalyego washing station. This 150-farmer strong cooperative works together to produce incredible varieties of coffee. Unlike the North where the coffees are commoditized and large estate farms are more common, Southern Tanzania is home to smallholders, farmers that are far removed from the Northern market and operate smaller-scale farms. These southern farms focus on the unique qualities of their specialty coffees. International nonprofits and private exporters have begun taking notice of the coffees coming out of the South, and over the coming years the world will be more familiar with specialty coffees - and not just Peaberries - coming out of Tanzania's Southern Highlands.

Altitude: 1500m

Variety / Processing method: Bourbon, Kent, N39 / Washed

Location: Mwalyego Cooperative, Mbeya District