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Tanzania Peaberry: Kalonge Farm
Tanzania Peaberry: Kalonge Farm
Tanzania Peaberry
Kalonge Farm
  • Green apple
  • grapefruit
  • bright


This Tanzania Peaberry makes for a bright cup, with a punch of green apple and undertones of grapefruit. 

Peaberry's typically make up approximately 5-10% of a harvest. They are the result of a natural genetic mutation in which only one of the seeds (beans) within the coffee cherry is fertilized, resulting in a singular rounded bean known as a Peaberry.  This particular coffee is washed, soaked, and then sun dried for 8-13 days.

This farm is nearly 100 hectares large and planted in almost 100,000 trees with shade crops grown among the coffee, it produces fully washed coffees. Ripe cherries are harvested during the day and delivered to the mill in the afternoons and the cherries are processed that evening. After depulping, the coffee is graded using channels and then fermented for an average period of 8 hours before it is washed. After this, the coffee is soaked for an average of 8-12 hours and then placed on raised beds for an average of 8-14 days to complete the drying process, where it is moved consistently to ensure a uniform dryness throughout the lot.

Altitude: 1570m 

Variety / Processing Method: Bourbon / Washed

Location: Mbeya region, Tanzania