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How to Grind Coffee for Your Preferred Brewing Method

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Fresh roasted coffee from Yellow Brick Coffee has just arrived at your doorstep.  Time to celebrate with a cup! Here’s how to grind and brew to get the best flavor from your beans.  

You’ve elevated your coffee game and have finally chosen to leave your spice grinder for its intended use, an amicable break-up. Having a great burr grinder is the easiest way to get the most out of your coffee.

If you haven't purchased a grinder yet, here are some options:

Perhaps, like most people, you’ve got to keep an eye on your budget, so you bought the burr grinder that is more friendly on the wallet, like this one from Cuisinart.  Or you may have treated yourself to this reputable at home grinder from Baratza.  Only the craziest and wealthiest coffee lover however, would bring the top of the line EK43 from Mahlkoenig into their home.   

(For a wide variety of grinders, companies like Prima Coffee, Clive Coffee,  and Seattle Coffee Gear can help you find what you might be looking for. )

But what’s the right grind size? 

Here's how to grind for the brewing method of your choice... 

French Press – Coarse Grind (4 minute brew)


Chemex – Medium Coarse Grind (5 - 6.5min)

V60 – Fine Grind (brew should take 2.5-3min)
AeroPress – Fine Grind/Coarse Espresso. Varies depending on brewing technique.  We lean towards a fine grind.


Grind Size and Rate of Water Flow-through 

Let time and taste be your indicators on whether your grind size is correct for your brew method.  If water runs through too quickly, your grind size is probably too coarse causing the coffee to be under-extracted.  This coffee will taste less complex and watery. If water runs too slowly, your grind size is probably too fine, causing the coffee to be over-extracted.  This coffee will also lack complexity and will be overpowering and bitter. Refer to hand brew times indicated above.

For more information about how to brew and to find the best coffee for your favorite brewing method, please email us directly at

Now you’ve got the knowledge to go with the tools.  Go forth and make great coffee!

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