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Ethiopia: Kayon Mountain Farm
Ethiopia: Kayon Mountain Farm
Kayon Mountain Farm
  • Apricot
  • peach
  • clean


Ethiopia Kayon Mountain is back! This is the third time we have sourced coffee from this farm. We get notes of apricot and peach, with some very clean floral undertones. This coffee scored a whopping 94 points with Coffee Review, check out the review here!

Kayon Mountain is a certified Organic farm that produce both washed and natural lots across 500 hectares. They are relatively new having only started planting in 2012, but Ismael Hassen Aredoa and his family have done a fantastic job thrusting them to the forefront of the specialty coffee scene in Ethiopia. With 25 permanent full-time, and over 300 seasonal employees, they are quickly becoming a household name. Ismael competes with other seasonal businesses in the area for employees, so he tends to pay much higher wages to his farmers. On top of this, they offer free transportation for employees and provide financial support for building schools and social projects within the community. 

Kayon Mountain utilizes indigenous trees in order to shade grow this coffee, as well as providing the precious coffee trees below with organic material to naturally fertilize the soil. This process can slow down the growth of the coffee allowing more time for complex flavors to develop, a process which some believe helps contribute to a more flavorful cup. All the time and effort put in by Ismael and his team leads to an excellent finished product, delivering complexity with bright finish.

A note from our General Manager, Adam - "I vividly remember the moment I realized coffee doesn't have to be the bitter and boring commodity that I saw it as, it could be so much more. On a whim, I stopped by Ancoats Coffee Co in my home town of Manchester, UK, and picked up a batch brew. The second I sipped it, I was blown away! It tasted like blueberry pie, I couldn't believe what I was drinking was coffee! The friendly staff informed me that the magic in my cup was was from Kayon Mountain Farm. I've never thought of coffee the same again. When I started to source for Yellow Brick, I made it my mission to procure coffee from this farm. I hope this cup can do the same for you as it did for me many years ago."

Altitude: 1900 - 2200 m

Variety / Processing Method: 74110, 74112 / Washed

Location: Shakiso, East Guji, Oromia, Ethiopia